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Fully Decentralized Smart Contract

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Token Supply

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Token For System

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Welcome to Dike 11
Dike 11 Coin has been produced by using Smart Contract on BEP-20 platform of Tron blockchain in October 2020. The development purpose of DIKE Token is make transaction easier with minute gas fees on blockchain. DIKE will perform as utility token in blockchain financial system. Token know as Dike 11 has initially 40 crore supply with 18 digit precision. 30 Crore Coin (DIKE) will be in market circulation where 10 crore Coin will be used by company for system maintenance, development, expansion and company promotional thing.
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Utilty Token

Dike 11 a utility token backed by, forms the backbone of DIKE ecosystem. We launched DIKE tokens to involve our community in helping us build out Dike blockchain, and reward them accordingly for contributing to our success. This helps us stay true to the ethos of cryptocurrency and blockchain - to share the rewards of Dike’s success with our early adopters and supporters.

Smart Contract Address - TAtFJpsGDfHDUfMhVM7XZGSPeMmt2qbddT